Heated Seat Kit, 4 Seats Install Round Switch Seat Heater, Cars, Motorcycle, Trucks

   If the seat heater kit have quality problems. But man-made damage is unavailable! The carbon fiber heat pad can be cut to fit your seat. So my seat heater kit can used in any type cars/motorcycles with 12V voltage! This kit contains: 4 Hi-off-Lo round switch + 4 wiring harness + 8 carbon fiber heater element. Is 2.2 m, it is long enough to install with any type of cars. Is made of carbon fiber and non-woven, heated faster. 480280±5mm (18.9 11 inch). The dimension of switch diameter is 19.8mm. The item "Heated seat kit, 4 seats install round switch seat heater, cars, motorcycle, ...


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