Dc Output Confederate 700 Watt 3 Blade 12 Volt Wind Turbine Turbulent Wind

   MISSOURI CONFEDERATE 700 watt, 12 volt DC output. 3 blade wind turbine f or 12 volt battery charging. Tail design for slower tracking and turbulent winds. Does not come with locking collar. (the wind turbine shown below COMES UNPAINTED). Start-up between 8 - 12 mph. Need more blades for a lower start-up? This wind turbine is capable of having 3 or 6 blades. Built For Charging 12 Volt Battery Banks. MISSOURI CONFEDERATE 500 watt /3 BLADE Wind Turbines with. ULTRA HIGH SPEED RAPTOR GENERATION 4 WIND TURBINE BLADES. Makes power in medium and high wind zones. THE MOST POWERFUL ...
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